February 15, 2015.

1. Service
1.1 Liability Limitation
2. Privacy
2.1 Your Account
2.2 Data Collected
3. Content
3.1 Availability
3.2 Terms of Use
3.3 Copyright
4. About the developer


Quivira is an editorial which allows to buy and download digital content from its collection Novohispanorum (‘Publications’) through the Chrome Store, exclusively for personal use under the Terms and Conditions established through this agreement.
All you download as ‘Publications’ are transcriptions and, on its majority, digital reproductions of documents that include, depending on the editorial program and copyright for image reproductions:
(i) A free virtual bookshelf for organizing the ‘publications’ according to their thematic.
(ii) ‘Publications’ that contain the transcription of a document from archive or library, a digital reproduction of the original document from which the transcription was made, onomastic and toponimic indexes, explanatory notes for Spanish terms or archaisms. The inclusion of the latter ones within the ‘publications’ is subject to their content; therefore, it is not guaranteed that each ‘publication’ includes one.
(iii) Most ‘publications’ require a payment for download and use; whereas some of them will be available for free. Usage of both types is bound to copyright and rules of usage within this Terms and Conditions.


Quivira does not declare or guarantee that the usage of its service will be free from error and uninterrupted, which mostly depends on your internet connection, your computer capacity and how computer literate you are. Quivira equally cannot ensure that ‘publications’ are free from loss, corruption, attack or intervention from hackers, virus or security intrusion; therefore, Quivira renounces to any liability related to issues formerly mentioned.
Under no circumstance, Quivira or any of its managers, employees or distributors will be responsible for any direct, incidental or growing damage caused by the usage made by you of the ‘publications.’ In the same vein, Quivira renounces to any liability for any error or omission within the content of documents, which are reproduced true to the original, and published under strict editorial lineaments in order to achieve high quality standards.
Quivira sets itself out from any political, religious, social, educational, academic or any other type of usage made by the ‘user’ with the content and interpretation of the ‘publications.’ Contents and thematic of the ‘publications’ in no way reflect any of Quivira or its employees or managers ideological posture, be it political, religious, academic or any other instance.
You are deliberately accepting the use of all ‘publications’ as they are, free or paid, according to their availability, design, functions and content, without any type of guarantees. Any flaw in the publications will be corrected and repaired in concordance with the editorial plan of continued improvement for Quivira ‘publications.’
You are discharging Quivira and its employees and managers from any misusage of the contents and materials contained within the ‘publications,’ which can originate offense to intellectual property, content reproduction rights, and copyright, in concordance to the valid laws in the country.
Quivira has reproduction and publishing rights of the digital images of the documents within the ‘publications,’ if you misuse or reproduce any images, you are discharging Quivira from any responsibility for unauthorized reproduction or misuse. You accept, to the fullest extent of the law, to defend Quivira, its managers, any of its employees, distributors and even third party providers from any type of claim, demand, trial, loss, responsibility, damages, costs and expenses that occur and are related to misusage of the material by the ‘user.’



Purchasing, use and access to ‘publications’ happens through Google Chrome Store, and is related to a Google account; therefore, you need an active account in order to buy the ‘publications.’ Do not give your account information to anyone. You are the only responsible for maintaining your account information confidential, as well as the actions and activities made through it; you accept to inform its administrators about any abnormality or security failure , which is regulated on the Terms and Conditions for Google accounts. Any misusage of the ‘publications’ that come from your account will be solely and exclusively your responsibility.
It is under your responsibility to provide truthful information for your Google account, and keep it up to date. Keeping your account data precise and exact will ease making your payments and purchase receipts for ‘publications,’ which is in charge of the distributor.
Quivira, its managers or employees are not authorized to receive payments in cash, in kind or any other way for access to the ‘publications’ which differs from what is established by Google Chrome Store and its charging systems.


The ‘publications’ use the Google Analytics tracking code to collect and analyze behavioral data, which measures the way that the user interacts with the application content. Google Analytics uses ‘cookies’ to ‘remember’ what the ‘user’ has done within the application in the past, by providing JavaScript tags for its registry. NO PERSONAL, REFERENCE, DESCRIPTIVE, PUBLICITY, IDENTITY OR LOCATION INFORMATION is stored by this tool.
The tool provides application usage statistics, and its interactions with the ‘user’ in order to improve quality, content, content arrangement, functions and experience that the ‘user’ has with the application.
To find out more, you can reach to the Google Analytics site at:


Quivira commits to publish reliable and trustworthy content, with high editorial quality that can constitute a reference, help and support for the development of cultural, social and academic activities for the ‘user’ in the ‘publications.’ Additionally, Quivira commits to have the ‘publications’ free from third-party textual or image material that can be considered as advertisement.
‘Publications’ updating, both software and content, will be continuous, which will set up improvement on functionality and ‘user’ experience. Any update, software or content, will be notified to the ‘user’ in order to be downloaded.


Quivira reserves the right to change the design, content options, and functionality of ‘publications’ during their update without notice, according to the editorial and continuous improvement programs for said ‘publications.’ Such changes will not affect the access to ‘publications’ downloaded by the ‘user,’ meaning that there will be no need to make a new payment once that the download requirements have been met, since only the aspect and functionality will be slightly modified.


You accept that the use of the ‘publications’ is delimited by the Terms of Use established by Quivira, in concordance to current Copyright and Intellectual Property laws. Any other use can constitute infringement to copyright. Quivira reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any moment, and notifying the ‘user’ whenever that happens.
You accept to not violate, elude, make reverse engineering, decode, dismount or alter through any kind of technology the security and integrity of the ‘publications’ for any reason, you accept to not help or give advice to anyone for doing it. You accept to not accessing the ‘publications’ through any other path different to the application located in the Chrome Store. You accept to not modify the software, the graphic and visual imagery, the interface or any content for any purpose.
Quivira can control, supervise and get involved in the observance of the Terms of use, and reserves the right to uphold them without prior notification. Quivira reserves, under its criteria, denying or limiting usage of ‘publications’ to the ‘user’ in case that the Terms of Use are infringed, without taking responsibility or giving a reimbursement for any prior purchase of ‘publications’ made by the ‘user.’
Any reproduction of the contents, visual and graphic imagery, interface, logotypes, names, document images, etc., shall be documented along with an attached signature of the legal representative from Quivira.
(i) You accept using the ‘publications’ only for personal use.
(ii) Purchasing the ‘publications’ does not imply a cession, renouncement or limitation of any owner rights.
(iii) You are not authorized to use any content of the ‘publications’ for commercial purposes, either partially or in full, including transcriptions, indexes, explanatory notes, visual and graphic imagery, interface, logotypes, collection names or Quivira and document images.
(iv) Purchasing and downloading any ‘publication’ does not authorize you to reproduce or distribute in any form the contents from the ‘publications’ or their contents either partially or in full, including transcriptions, indexes, explanatory notes, visual and graphic imagery, interface, logotypes, collection names or Quivira and document images.
(v) You can access the ‘publications’ in any device using your Google account through the Chrome Store. Any misusage of the ‘publications’ through your account are solely and exclusively your responsibility. See 2.1 YOUR ACCOUNT.
(vi) Purchasing and downloading of ‘publication’ cannot be transferred to another ‘user.’
(vii) Non-authorized reproduction, and misusage of the images of ancient documents included within the ‘publications’ constitute an infringement to the law. Quivira is not empowered to authorize their reproduction or use.
System and security tampering, its modification or altering in any form, as well as partial or full reproduction, distribution or commercialization of transcriptions, indexes, explanatory notes, visual and graphic imagery, interface, logotypes, collection names or Quivira and document images, and infringement of any of the Terms of use can end up in public or legal liability against the ‘user.’

You accept that ‘publications’ and all their editorial content, graphics, visuals, transcriptions, indexes, explanatory notes, interface, logotypes, Quivira or collection names used in the ‘publications’ are exclusive property of Quivira, and is protected by current and applicable laws of copyright and intellectual property. You accept that you will not use this content or material in any other form than the allowed by this agreement. No fragments or full contents can be reproduced in any digital or printed media, except for those with explicit and previous authorization, in concordance with the Terms of use in this agreement. You accept to not modifying, renting, leasing, selling, distributing or marketing in any possible way; or creating works that derived from the ‘publications’ in any unauthorized form, expository but not restrictive through any electronic or printed media.
Quivira reserves the right to suspend or deactivate the ‘publications’ service to a ‘user’ when misusage or Terms or Use infringement has been determined without, under any circumstance, liability.
Quivira, Novohispanorum, their logotypes, and visual and graphic imagery are commercial brands registered by Ediciones Quivira S.A. de C.V. Other brands, services, graphics, interfaces and logotypes through which ‘publications’ are distributed, are commercial brands of their respective owners. There are no rights or usage licenses cessions of any kind regarding the mentioned commercial brands.


Quivira is an editorial constituted according to Mexican law, whose goal is publishing and distributing publications through electronic and printed media about different subjects.
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